Templates can be a really great tool for speeding your workflow. Personally, I don’t get much mileage out of the production oriented templates that ship with Live: …but I do get great benefit out of working with templates for live performance. As I’m getting ready for the Hobo’s Ball, its really nice to be able […]


When I’m not using templates to put together a performance, I’m generally using them to import a premade set of tracks into a production Set. For example, when I want to record the output of my Machinedrum, I first locate my Drums set in the Templates folder: …and then drag it into whatever Set I’m […]


Lately, I’ve been doing a fair amount of “speed production” while on the road. This just means producing tracks with only my live set in mind. Rather than try to create something that develops over 4-7 minutes and is ready to release, I’ll create material that works really well for two minutes during a performance. […]


Today’s tip isn’t really a tip. It’s a bit of background information before we get into a few related tips… When Live 8 came out, we finally got the ability to fully automate and remotely control plug-ins with greater than 128 parameters. Along with this came the configurable parameter area: For any plug-in with less […]


As I’ve alluded to a couple of times already, the most complete solution to the hassles of plug-in parameter configuration is to create a Rack that contains your fully configured plug-in. The process looks like this: 1) Configure the plug-in’s parameters 2) Use the Group command to put the plug-in into a Instrument or Effect […]