I’ve recently made a new addition to my Sounds Project, and its so simple I can’t believe it took me so long to think of it. The project folder now contains a Sounds Set: Every time I sit down to do some sampling or sound design, I do it in this set. The format of […]


This tip might be a real snoozer for some of you more advanced users, but it’s one of those things that all sorts of folks aren’t completely clear on, so here goes… Live lets you drag in samples from all over your hard drive. Loops, drum hits, field recordings, whatever. When transferring a Set to […]


For quite some time, Live has had a special configuration file that lets you set additional preferences that aren’t accessible through Live’s interface. These preferences were originally created for internal use at Ableton as part of the development and testing process, and therefore aren’t thoroughly documented. Many of them probably won’t have a huge impact […]