For quite some time, Live has had a special configuration file that lets you set additional preferences that aren’t accessible through Live’s interface. These preferences were originally created for internal use at Ableton as part of the development and testing process, and therefore aren’t thoroughly documented. Many of them probably won’t have a huge impact […]


As you may already know, Live only auto-configures plug-in devices with fewer than 32 parameters. The number 32, however is just a default value that you can modify via Options.txt. For example, on my system I’ve changed it so any device with 48 parameters or less is auto-configured. Why? Because that’s about how many can […]


A basic but important aspect of configuring Live is the Exclusive setting (located in the Record/Warp/Launch tab of the Preferences screen) and how it’s modified by the Command or Ctrl key. When turned on, this option prevents multiple tracks from being Soloed, or Armed for recording simultaneously. Beyond that basic fact, the important thing to […]