As you may already know, Live only auto-configures plug-in devices with fewer than 32 parameters. The number 32, however is just a default value that you can modify via Options.txt. For example, on my system I’ve changed it so any device with 48 parameters or less is auto-configured.

Why? Because that’s about how many can be shown simultaneously across the bottom of my laptop screen.

To make this happen, all I had to do was enter the line


into my options.txt file.

On your machine, you can replace 48 with whatever number you like. You can also use the number -1 to make the plug-in devices behave more like they did in Live 7. With this setting, Live will automatically configure as many device parameters as possible (up to 128) regardless of the total numer of parameters.

You may notice that there are a couple of unusual characters at the beginning of the string above. Two things to be aware of:

All entries in options.txt begin with a dash (-)

The name of this particular parameter begins with an underscore (_). Not all of them do. There doesn’t seem to be any strict rule about this. Just be sure to copy the parameter name exactly from Ableton’s FAQ, or from the Ableton forums – the other place where you’ll discover some of these hidden options.