The Spectrum device can really come in handy to help you learn more about the frequency content of an audio signal. Many engineers are quick to point out that meters are never a substitute for ears, and this is absolutely true. However, a good spectrum analyzer can be a great tool to help train your […]


The problem with inspecting mixes using Spectrum is how relatively similar everything can look. The trick is knowing what to look for. But even with some more knowlege, be aware that we’re definitely working in a realm of subtleties, and what you’re likely to get out of the process is a slow buildup of wisdom […]


There are a number of ways to use Spectrum in a real world context. Here  we’re going to set up a mastering session with the primary intention of comparing a mastered song to one of your own. Let’s assume you’ve rendered a mix of a song you’re working on. To set up a mastering session, […]