Today’s tip isn’t really a tip. It’s a bit of background information before we get into a few related tips…

When Live 8 came out, we finally got the ability to fully automate and remotely control plug-ins with greater than 128 parameters. Along with this came the configurable parameter area:

Picture 190

For any plug-in with less than 32 parameters, this area is automatically populated with sliders and the occasional menu. For plug-ins with more than 32 parameters, this area is empty until you turn on Configuration mode (see above) and add controls by clicking on them in the VST or AU custom editor.

You only need to interact directly with these generic sliders for remote MIDI mapping; for automation you can add them and never look at them again if you don’t want to. Once created, the underlying parameter becomes visible to Live and automation can be created within the custom editor instead.

For the most part this works pretty well and strikes a balance between easy access to automation and keeping things manageable (trying to find the parameter your looking for in a sea of 128 sliders is easily as much of a hassle as having to add them yourself).

There are however, a few hassles. In the coming tips we’ll look at the hassles and a few helpful workarounds.