When you look at the Seg. BPM box as I’ve suggested in a few tips, you may find it grayed out, looking like this:

Picture 73

To enable Seg. BPM so you can manually type in a value, you first have to click on a Warp Marker.

Picture 74

In the case of steady-tempo clips where only one Warp Marker is used, this may seem a little strange, but in the case of clips with multiple markers it makes perfect sense.

“Seg.” stands for segment, which refers to the range of audio in between two Warp Markers. When you click on a marker, the Seg. BPM box shows you the tempo of the audio in between the marker you clicked on and the previous one. In the case of clips where only one Warp Marker is used, clicking on it shows you the tempo for the entire clip.