When warping a bunch of audio that I know (or strongly suspect) to be steady-tempo, I’ll often skip dragging around transients and just go straight for the Seg. BPM box.

Let’s say I’m warping a bunch of techno and electro. I’m gonna park Live’s master tempo at 128 because this within a couple BPM of pretty much every track I’m encountering. After setting the Start Marker and turning on the Warp switch,  all I have to do is take a look at the waveform and guess.

If I see the transients slipping to the right of the beat time ruler…

Picture 75

…I know that the proper tempo is below 128.

If the transients are getting out of sync to the left of the ruler…

Picture 76
…then I know that the proper tempo is above 128.

Just click on Seg. BPM and use the arrow keys to move up or down in whole number increments. For most of this music, you’ll hit the right number this way and everything will snap into place. Then you can move on to checking your work.