Using a little common sense while keeping an eye on the Seg. BPM box can be a powerful way to check your work.

Here are a couple of examples:

Let’s say you’ve done your basic warping, and you’re about to check your work by ear. First, take a look at Seg, BPM. It’s not uncommon to see it looking like this:

Picture 72

It’s possible that the song is in fact 69.99 BPM, but it my experience this almost always means its 70. When I see a value like this, I just round it up and type in the value before double-checking my work. 19 times out of 20, it’s the right thing to do.

Note that this technique only applies to steady tempo songs that only require one warp marker. For other types of tracks, the Seg. BPM box is a little more complicated. More on this another day.