Another way to start having fun with some audio madness is to slice it into a Drum Rack using the Slice to New MIDI Track command:

Picture 106

When you’re using this command to slice up a drum loop, you can often use Transient as your slicing mode (see below), but with longer samples this will usually generate too many slices:

Picture 108

Switching from Transient to Bar is often an easy way to fix this – as long as your sample isn’t longer than 128 bars. If it is, you have a few options:

  • Set a loop. Slice to New MIDI Track slices the audio beginning with the Start marker, and ending with the right edge of the loop brace.
  • Set the end marker. With Loop turned off, only the audio between the Start and End markers will be sliced.
  • Make your clip appear to be fewer bars by hitting the :2 switch

This last one might seem a little confusing, but think about it. If you have 150 bars of material at 180BPM, it could also be seen as 75 bars at 90BPM. Hitting :2 will change how Live looks at the audio in exactly this way.

Picture 109