Hey folks! There’s a new Hobotech EP available today for FREE download. Just because we love you. It’s got a crazy accordion-fueled lady gaga remix, some midtempo west coast hobofunk, a serious fiddle/laptop cagematch and some old tyme sexual confusion. Dig it!

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Put a Grain Delay on something pretty: a piano chord part, a guitar playing arpeggios, a vocal track. (Or something ugly – you be the judge.) Set it up like this:

Picture 110

This generates a glitchy, chorusy delay that I really like.

Spray is cranked to it’s maximum, so you’re hearing some very audible random delay times being applied to the grains.

Frequency is nice and low. This makes the grains really big, so the delay generated by Spray creates audible repeats instead of the smeary clouds of sound you would get with a high frequency.

Rand Pitch detunes the repeats for a chorusing effect.

As in my other Grain Delay tips, I’ve set the Delay Time to 1ms which typically makes this device not act like a delay at all. In this case, the high Spray value brings back a delay like quality, albeit a strange random one.