If you use one of the many techniques that introduce randomness into your productions (such as in the previous tip), you’ll find that it’s generally a mixed bag. One moment you’re getting great results, the next not so much.

My solution to this is another round of resampling – recording the output of the randomness to a new audio file so I can edit it to perfection. So, picking up on the last couple of tips let’s assume we’ve got a long sample of audio chaos loaded into a Drum Rack, and Sampler is automatically playing a different chunk of it every time the pad is triggered.

Live’s Resampling output is a quick and easy way to record from track to track. The problem is that it records everything coming out of the Master. In this case, we just want to record from one pad in a Drum Rack into a new audio track. Here’s a way to do that that doesn’t require that you silence everything else in your set before you record.

Picture 105

Take a look at track 2 Audio. It’s input is set to 1 Drum Rack – the track that contains the pad we want to record from. The second menu shows us all of the available outputs from the Drum Rack. In this example, we want the one called “Insanity!”

Now we’re ready to rock. Just turn on Global Record and record a new track for the entire length of the arrangement. There are sure to be some happy accidents where you’ll leave the random output as-is, just as there will be some real clunkers that you’ll want to delete and replace.