So, as I was saying yesterday, after I’ve laid out the basic arrangement of a track I return to the Session view for all sorts of things. In particular, I love being able to listen to my song play back while I compose new loops against it. For example, while the song is playing back, I’ll create a new MIDI track and flip back over to the Session View and double click in an empty clip slot to create a new MIDI clip.

I’ll draw in some notes for the new part, and once I’ve got it sounding good I’ll drag the new part directly into the arrangement by clicking on the new clip and holding down the mouse button while pressing the Tab key to flip back into the Arrangement view. Now I can drop it wherever I want it in the timeline. Usually that’s followed by extending clip over a number of bars, or copying it into several locations.


At this point, it’s important to understand how Back To Arrangement works because this new track will be grayed out – meaning it is playing back the clip from the Session view, regardless of where it has been dropped in the timeline.  Once I’ve got the arrangement playing back, I’ll make any new variations to the clip right here in the arrangement.