So, now that you’ve checked out how to make a Beat Repeat insert silence into a sound, what to do with it? Well, what I’m experimenting with is layering and offsetting several Beat Repeats set up in this fashion.

Use the Group command to put the Beat Repeat into a Rack, then Duplicate the Chain a couple of times.

Picture 122

Now you’ll have three chains all doing roughly the same thing, but not quite – each has a bit of randomness to it.

Into the second chain, insert a few effects:

Picture 124

The most important part of this chain is the Simple Delay at the beginning. It’s set to 100% Wet and has its Feedback set to zero, so all it’s doing is offsetting the second chain by 3/16ths. The Redux is helping to differentiate the sound from the first chain, while the Auto Filter is removing most of the Kick drum (I’ve been using it primarily on drum loops).

Now add effects to the third chain. Again, use a Simple Delay to offset this chain to a different value, and use different processors to differentiate the sound in a another way. Things should start to sound pretty nuts by now.

In the next tip, we’ll get into adding performance controls.