I’m working on a new glitcher/beat masher for my upcoming gigs, and I had the idea to flip the Beat Repeat on its head. What if, instead of having it generate tons of repeated hits, I used it to generate lots of silence. Check it out:

Picture 120

Decay is set to 100%. This means that the repeats fade out to silence almost instantly.

Output Mode is set to Ins which means that every time repeats are triggered the original signal is cut out.

Gate is set to 6/16 which is longer than the time it takes Decay to fade the repeated signal to silence.

When you add these three parameters together, you get a Beat Repeat that triggers silence instead of repeats!

Interval and Grid are important here as well. With Interval at 1/8, there’s a Chance (77.8% in this case) that silence will occur every 1/8th note of the bar. Grid is set to 1/16 which is slow enough that Decay fadesĀ  the repeats to silence before you hear them. Try Grid at a faster setting (like 1/96) and you’ll hear a buzzing as the repeats fade away.

How is this useful? We’ll get into that in the next tip.