So, now that you’ve put together some version of the layered Beat Repeat Rack, it needs some performance control to make it a bit more dynamic (and useful on stage!). If you’re new to working with the Chain Selector, you might want to read this tip first. Here’s how I’ve set mine up so far:

Picture 128
There are four chains in the rack. The first one (“Dry”) is empty – it contains no effects, and is used for passing an unaffected signal through. The Chain Selector is mapped to Macro 1.

The idea here is to play this effect with a single knob – for live
use, it’s best to keep things simple. As the chain selector is moved to the right, it first leaves the Dry chain and switches into Beat Repeat 1 (“BR1”):

Picture 126

As the Chain Selector is moved to the right, the other chains are added in. Starting at 24, you’ll be hearing both chains BR1 and BR2. Past 80, all three chains are playing simultaneously.

Picture 127

So, in this setup, the knob isn’t doing much – its more like a four-position switch (off, 1 layer, 2 layers, 3 layers).

For me this is a first draft. I’m thinking of more to do…coming soon!