One thing I find is that no matter how big, or how many controllers you have, you’ll always run out of buttons or knobs. Somehow, you always use them all up. To solve this problem, it helps to find simple ways to get multiple uses out of individual controls.

I just discovered a very simple one this week. If you’ve been keeping up with the tips, you’ll recall that I recently wrote about mapping the Track Status area of the session view. ¬†For my latest live performance setup, I’m using the same button mapped to the status area, and also the cue switch for the track.

Picture 26

There’s no downside to this that I’ve seen so far. If I want to see the Clip View for a particular track, the clip playing in that track will start to play through my headphones. If I don’t want to hear it in the headphones, clicking the button again will turn it off. Or conversely, If I simply want to cue a track, the currently playing clip will be displayed in the clip view – this has yet to cause me any problems.