From time to time, you may encounter a situation where it’s more practical to cue tracks by using a send instead of Live’s built-in Cue feature. The setup looks like this:

Picture 27

In the above example, return track A is set up as a cue track. Check out it’s Audio To routing – anything sent to A will go straight out of outputs 3/4. (This example assumes your interface will allow you to assign outputs 3/4 to the headphone out.) Just turn up send A for any track, and that track will be sent to your headphones.

Notice also that Send A is configured to be pre fader. This means that it operates independently of the track’s volume fader, so you can listen in the headphones even with the track turned all the way down.

One advantage of this setup is that it allows you to adjust the volume of each track to create a customized headphone mix, unlike the solo switch.