The morphing filter that I’ve been referring to over the last couple of days consists of three chains: a high pass filter, a band pass filter and then another high pass filter.

Picture 4

The zones are set up like this:

Picture 5

The first high pass filter quickly crossfades into the band pass, then a slower fade into the second high pass filter. The trick to making this rack do it’s thing is that the Chain Selector is mapped to the same macro that is also sweeping the cutoff frequency of all three filters.

If you take a look in the Mapping Browser, you’ll see that I’ve assigned 7 different parameters to the one macro in this rack (named “Freq”).

Picture 6

The Device on Switch is mapped for all three filters, so they get turned off when the macro is all the way left. This is the same technique discussed in Adding Auto-Bypass. Technically, you’d only need to bypass the first high pass filter, but I did all three to conserve CPU power.

The real action happens in having the cutoff frequency change as the Chain selector is moved. Notice that I’ve customized the ranges for all three filters. This was mostly a matter of using my ears, moving the filter back and forth until it sounded right.

You can download the rack here.