If you followed along with yesterday’s tip, you should have a pretty good idea of how Chain Selector is used to switch between chains in a rack. If you play with the zones a little more, you’ll also discover that they can be elongated by dragging the edges.

Picture 23

Anywhere the zones overlap, both rack chains are active, so if you were to set the Chain Selector to 16 in the example above, the top two chains would process the incoming audio.

Notice that the zones consist of a dark blue rectangle with a smaller light blue rectangle directly above it. The width of the light blue rectangle can be adjusted to create fades. When the mouse becomes a trimmer at the outer edges of the zone, move it up slightly and it will trim the fade instead of the entire zone.

Picture 24

This is the trick to my morphing filter – it’s really just three filters that crossfade into each other. Tomorrow we’ll get into the details.