Here’s a bit of fun I’ve been having with extracted grooves.

Instead of using the resulting groove template in its intended fashion, I’ve been using the MIDI directly. Remember, a groove file is just a MIDI clip – you can grab it out of the pool and drop it into a clip slot.

What I’ll do is extract the groove from a few bars of bluegrass or some other interesting source, then drop it right into a MIDI track and use the generated rhythm to trigger a hi hat or sound effect, etc. Below, you’ll see that I’ve dropped it into a track containing a Drum Rack.

Picture 141
The groove file always contains the note C1, which in the case of Live’s preset kits triggers the kick drum.

The rhythm isn’t so well suited to the kick. Here’s an easy way to move all the notes to a diferent drum. First, click in the piano roll to the left of the notes. This selects all of them in one click.

Picture 142

Now using the up/down arrow keys will move the entire part up or down so you can hear it trigger different sounds.

Usually, I’ll have to do some editing to get the part sounding good, but it’s still a fun way to get started.