Live can take any clip and turn it into a groove template. Just grab a clip out of the Session or Arrange view and drop it into the Groove Pool. Live will then extract the timing and dynamics:

Picture 138

…and make the new groove available to apply to clips in your set.

Picture 139

A few things to bear in mind:

If you’re extracting a groove from an audio clip, it has to be properly warped first.

If you extract an entire song, the template generated will be the entire length of the song. This takes a while. If you want a shorter template, either set a loop or move the clip’s End marker first.

If you do decide to make a really long template (perhaps because the file has interesting timing variations throughout), know that you’ll only hear the full template on really long clips. If you apply a 256 bar groove to a four bar clip, the template starts over at the beginning every four bars along with the clip.