And hey, while you’re at it, why not have some fun with the velocity data that gets generated when you extract a groove…

To have this sort of fun, you’ll have to use the MIDI clip to trigger an instrument that offers some flexibility for mapping velocity messages (such as Operator, Sampler, etc.)

For example, have the MIDI clip trigger Operator. For Oscillator A, turn up the Osc A Frequency < Velocity value.

Picture 143

Now, the clip’s velocity is changing the pitch of the note. Now crank up some Oscillator B with a fixed pitch so it generates some inharmonic weirdness.

Picture 144

…and now, make the pitch of Oscillator B also respond to Velocity, but by a different amount…

Picture 145

But wait, there’s more! You can experiment even more with the velocity over in the Global section. Click anywhere in this area…

Picture 146

…and use the menus for further velocity madness:

Picture 147