Another modification I’ve made to my DJ EQ is high and low kill switches. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

To get started, name two macros Lo Kill and Hi Kill:

Picture 33

…and setup an unused filter on both EQ 8 devices like this:

Picture 34

The frequency is the same as the Filters 1 & 4 (the Lo band), but it’s a High Pass filter instead of a Low Shelf.

Now, map the Activator switch for both filters to the Lo Kill knob. When Lo Kill is turned up, the filters should look like this:

Picture 35

The advantage of using both filters is that you get a very steep cutoff slope (dramatic reduction of the low frequencies), and the second filter deals with low frequencies that may be getting boosted if the Lo knob is turned up. (This is much less of an issue now that we’ve modified the low band to only boost 6 dB).

Repeat this process with Low Pass filters for the Hi Kill switch and you’re all done.