So, today I downloaded Tarekith’s DJ racks. He’s been at this a good long while, and gives out all sorts of good information on the Ableton forums, but I had never checked out his racks. Well, lo and behold there is a DJ EQ in there, conceptually very similar to what I’ve been talking about here, but shows yet another way to git er done. Make sure to download so you can follow along. Let’s take a look…

This approach puts Lo, Mid and High in series.Each band has its own rack:

Picture 36

Why give each band a separate rack? Simple – this technique uses the chain selector to alternate between an EQ for cutting, another for boosting and a third empty chain for the zero point in the middle:

Picture 37
Notice how the chain called Clean has a zone that runs from 63 to 65?

Picture 38

This takes some of the guesswork out of zeroing your controller. He was way ahead of me on that whole thing!

Also, notice how steep the slope is of the low cut:

Picture 39

This is a result of using filters 1-7 simultaneously, all set up identically. The macro called “Low” is mapped to the Gain control of every filter, so when you turn it, you’re turning down the Gain of all seven filters at once, resulting in this dramatic slope. Sweet.