Before I get into talking about custom skins, there are two other OS X video tricks that every mac performer should know.

1) Control-Option-Command-8 This one inverts all of the colors on your display. Some people like the way this makes everything pop out. Others like it just because it’s SO SPOOKY.

Picture 29

With a nice light skin like Frost (seen above), you’ll get a very dark, high contrast display.

2) Control-Option-Command-. (period) and  Control-Option-Command-, (comma)

These two are used to increase or decrease contrast. You might not see it at first but hit the period on your keyboard a few more times and it will start to become obvious.

By messing with inverted colors and increased contrast, you can create a setup that will absolutely make your eyes bleed if you have to look at it for too long, but might just save your bacon on a gig…