Live has two built-in tools to help with visibility issues, both of which are controlled from the Look/Feel tab of the Preferences screen. First off, Live 8 allows you to adjust the zoom level:

Picture 27

110% has become my standard setting for gigs. Even when I’m playing indoors under normal conditions, I find that this gives me more flexibility in where I set up the computer. I’m trying to make the computer screen something I glance at rather than stare and squint.

Live also comes with a standard set of skins that change the program’s overall color scene.

Picture 28

Which one is going to look best in a dark room or under bright sunlight? Only one way to find out: test em. Everyone’s eyes seem to be a bit different in terms of what colors pop out.

Personally I was never 100% happy with the skins available, so I ended up making my own (more about this in the next tip).