Each skin that appears in Live’s skins menu is just a file on your hard drive. in Windows, you’ll find the skins located here: Program Files\Ableton\Live\Resources\Skins. Under OS X, the files are contained within the Live application bundle.To access them, go to your Applications folder, right-click on the Live icon, and select Show Package Contents from the context menu.

Picture 30

A new window will open, and you’ll be able to navigate to the skins folder:

Picture 31
Once you know how to muck around with skins, the question is whether you want to download skins that other folks have created, or dive in and make your own. There are a ton to download at Sonic Transfer. Just drop the skin file in your skins folder and you’re done. If Live is already running, the skin will not appear until you quit and restart.

Tomorrow, I’ll help you get started if you want to get into making your own skins.