Whether you use Auto Warp or one of the other techniques for getting your audio warped, the most important part of the process is knowing how to check your work. In my opinion, the most important method is…by ear.

This involves listening to your newly warped audio with Live’s metronome turned on:

Picture 67

To check by ear, you need to listen to the clip not just at the beginning, but also in the middle and at the very end. First, zoom all the way out so you can see the entire waveform. Play the clip back from the beginning and listen to it with the metronome. If everything sounds good, move your mouse pointer to the middle of the song, and hover it just below the beat time ruler until it turns into a speaker.

Picture 68
If the speaker doesn’t appear, hold down SHIFT.

Clicking with the speaker will launch the clip from the location you clicked. Move through the clip, clicking and listening a few times until you get to the end. Make sure it sounds in sync with the metronome the whole time. If not, you’ve got some more warping to do.

If everything sounds good, you may be done – or you may want to double check by eye, and by common sense. More on this soon.