Hey folks! So…while out in LA I got the opportunity to do some sound design for an art project headed for Coachella: a “Jacob’s Organ.”  It’s a pipe organ where each pipe is a jacob’s ladder…anyway, working on it led to me heading out to the festival as well. I’ll post some pictures and some tips based on the work I did.

Anyway, I’ve tracked down some internet (at least for today) so let’s pick up where I left of a few days ago…

One potential disadvantage to grouping your crate tracks is the extra mousing required to fold and unfold the groups. Fortunately, you can get around this from the keyboard, but unfortunately it’s not very elegant.

First, enter the Keyboard Map and map the title bars of your crate tracks to the keys of your choice:

Picture 23

The idea here is to use the 1, 2 and 3 keys on your computer keyboard to select the crate track you want to fold or unfold, then use Live’s keyboard shortcut for unfolding and folding group tracks: + and – .  The problem is that for the plus and minus keys to work, the title bar of the track needs to be highlighted yellow. This happens when click on the track’s title bar with the mouse, but not when you use a mapped key to select it.

To get the title bar highlighted after you select the track, you need to press Alt/Option + Up Arrow, possibly more than once. This keyboard shortcut is used to move Live’s focus from the Clip/Track view, up to the clip grid, then up to the tracks themselves. (Give it a try. Try using the down arrow too.)  Once the title bar is highlighted, the plus and minus keys work just fine.

OK, this may not be such a great solution, so in the next tip we’ll take a look at a way to streamline it a bit.