In my current version of my live set, I’m using macro clips to change Live’s master tempo. Unlike the previous example which uses a note message to toggle the metronome on and off, this technique is going to involve using a clip to send CC data via a clip envelope.

Let’s take a look at how this works. First, use a MIDI controller to map a CC to Live’s tempo. In this example, I’ve mapped CC 16.

Picture 30

You’ll also have to use the mapping browser to limit the tempo range. Live’s default range of 20bpm to 999bpm makes it nearly impossible to manipulate the tempo in a useful way using standard MIDI control.

Picture 31

This tip assumes you’ve already created a track for sending data to the IAC driver, as explained previously.

Create a new clip in the remote control track. In this clip, head over to the envelopes view and select MIDI Control from the first menu, and CC 16 from the second menu.

Picture 32

Now it’s just a matter of drawing in an envelope to change the tempo. This example slowly raises the tempo from 80bpm to 83bpm over 16 bars – a nice gradual change that will be easy on the ears (and hips).

Picture 35