Alright, so what’s all this about sending MIDI out through IAC and then back into Live? Let’s dig in.

We’ll start off with a trick that’s admittedly completely pointless, but very simple: create a MIDI clip that turns the metronome on or off. Don’t worry, from pointless beginnings come great things.

The first step happens with plain old MIDI remote control. Nothing fancy yet.

Go into the MIDI map and map a button or key on your MIDI controller:

Picture 23

Now, create a new MIDI track and an empty MIDI clip. This clip is going to replace the MIDI controller that you just used to create the mapping. The way to do this is to create an envelope that sends the same message (note C3).

Picture 29

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The only way to make Live respond to this note as a remote control message is to have this note come into Live via a Remote input. This is done with IAC, which is going to act like a patch cable running from the MIDI track’s output to Live’s Remote input.

In the MIDI preference screen, turn on Track output for IAC…

Picture 25

…and Remote input for IAC

Picture 26


Set the MIDI track’s MIDI To menu to IAC:

Picture 27

Done! When you launch the MIDI clip, the note C3 will be sent into the IAC driver, which returns the note into Live’s remote input, turning the metronome on or off.