For the StormGate rack that I use in my performance set, the concept is simple: have a single knob that can be used to sweep through a variety of patterns. First, you’ll need to program a series of patterns of course.

I suggest creating 6-8 patterns for starters. With a manageable number of patterns, you can learn them and where they live on the knob over time. You can certainly do more (StormGate has a total of 16 pattern slots – letters A – P), just know that you’ll be zipping through them very quickly as you rotate the average knob.

When editing each pattern, click in the top and bottom row of lettered buttons in the Pattern section to defeat the pattern sequencing – this way the pattern only changes when you turn the knob.

Picture 9

The next step is to Configure the plug-in so the Pattern selector can be automated. Once in configuration mode, select a pattern from the top row and you’ll see this slider appear:

Picture 10

Then, it’s just a matter of using the Group command to get the StormGate into a Rack and mapping the pattern slider, and the on/off switch (Device Activator) to a macro knob.

Picture 11

In the Macro Mappings browser, limit the StormGate’s Pattern control to only sweep through the patterns you’ve programmed. This may take a little trial and error depending on the how many you’ve programmed. The on/off switch is programmed to turn the device off when the knob is all the way left, and on as soon as you turn it one click to the right.