Understanding the grid on the StormGate can be a little tricky at first. The key thing to understand is that the basic unit of measurement it uses is the 1/8 note. Take a look at the Steps section:

Picture 6

If you play with the numeric control at the top, you’ll find that it doesn’t affect the resolution of the grid – it just changes the total number of steps in it (sort of like changing the Loop length of a clip). So, if you change it to 6, it will loop back to the beginning after 6 1/8 note steps (three beats).

The buttons below do change the grid –  from an eight step grid to a twelve step triplet grid. (Step nine: make amends for your incessant use of triplets!)

To fine tune the grid, you need to use the subdivide control:

Picture 7

Subdivide is how many subdivisions of the Steps control will appear in the grid. Therefore, for a standard 1/16 note grid, you would set Subdivide to 2x to divide the eight steps into sixteen.