So, the main reason I took the time to explain how the Auto Filter’s envelope section works was so I could move into talking about the Auto Filter’s sidechain capabilities as I did yesterday. If you’re new to this, the important thing to understand is that the sidechain section of the Auto Filter works with the envelope. It can use the volume of any track to automatically adjust the filter’s cutoff frequency.

There are lots of fun creative uses for this. For example, take a look at the following setup:

Picture 18

Imagine that this filter is inserted on a shaker track playing a steady rhythm. Every time the snare drum hits, the shaker will get darker as the band pass filter is shifted into a lower frequency range (notice the negative Envelope value). Also make note of the longer Release time. This controls the length of time it will take the filter to return to it’s original frequency after each snare hit. Due to the relatively long release time seen above, there will be an audible sweep in the shaker after each snare hit.