This tip comes via Jim Wood, who asked that I not include any additional links…he’s just doing it for the love. Thanks Jim!

It’s a cool tip that offers a way of breaking up an audio file into lots of smaller samples, not unlike the technique shown in this tip. However, this method offers a unique twist of it’s own.

On A MIDI track, insert Sampler. Load it with audio (just about anything will work– in this example I’ve used Julie Andrews singing “Favourite Things.”


Set the pitch scale to 0%.

Picture 51

This means that the sampler will not track the pitch of incoming MIDI notes, leaving the sample at its original pitch regardless of the note played.

Next, in the MIDI tab, map Key to Sample Offset.

Picture 52

Now the pitch of incoming notes will be used to change the playback position of the sample. The lowest MIDI note (C -2 in Live) will trigger the sample from the Sample Start, while each higher pitch will play it back from further into the recording.

L oad up a MIDI clip (try a drum loop for some interesting results), or simply go in and start programming your sampled weirdness.

In the next tip, we’ll look at a couple of cool modifications to this technique…