Another sorta solution to this problem involves using a Follow Action.

To do this, you’ll bring in the audio the same way you did in the last tip. After you turn on the Warp switch, zoom in on the right edge of the waveform display.

Picture 49

In this case, we see that at 120bpm (the arbitrary tempo that Live is assuming for this clip) it’s just shy of 40 bars and 3 beats long (40.3.0).

Make a note of the length of the clip in bars and beats, and use it to set up a Follow Action:

Picture 50

Now you can turn the Warp switch off for this clip and it will loop the entire file – as long as Live’s tempo is set to 120bpm. This method has the advantage of allowing you to change the master tempo without speeding up the audio, which could be very useful in some situations.

However, it still has the downside of the loop being set in bars and beats.When you change the master tempo, those bars and beats will elapse faster or slower and the loop length will change.