The next time you sit down to play with some new effects, or an old synth, or pretty much anything that can be expected to make some crazy sounds, try this: sample everything. Record the entire sound design session into a new audio clip.

Say you’ve gotten inspired to check out some of the Max For Live effects we’ve been discussing for the last couple of days. Set up your Set like this:

Picture 97

What are the clips in track one? Doesn’t matter – just some source audio for you to mangle with some strange effects.

The second track in armed for recording, and has its input set to Resampling. This means it will record the output of Live’s master track.

Start recording a new clip in this track, then dig in to doing some sound experimentation. Play back a clip in the first track, then start turning some knobs on the effects in this track – the stranger, the better. Every sound that you make will get recorded into the Resampling track.

Add new effects while recording, move warp markers, transpose, go crazy. It doesn’t matter. The goal here is to end up with a few great snippets of sound – and in five minutes of experimentation, you probably will. I get some of my favorite glitches this way, sometimes playing with effects, sometimes turning knobs on a synth – but all while recording.

What to do with this crazy clip once you’ve made it? More on this in the coming days…