Once you’ve sampled a mess of audio insanity, one of the simplest things you can do with it is drop the whole thing into a Drum Rack, along with your standard drum sounds.

Picture 98

Once you’ve got a basic drum part programmed, program a couple of notes that trigger your new sample and listen back to what you’ve got. While listening, adjust the Start knob on the simpler to hear what happens when you play back the sample from different locations.

Picture 99

You’re guaranteed to find some interesting stuff using this method, just take some time to experiment.

If the sample you’re working with is many minutes long, you may find that turning Start moves through the sample too quickly and doesn’t give you fine enough control over where the sample plays back from. If this is the case, first adjust the start and end markers in the sample display so you’re working with a smaller chunk of the sample. Now adjusting Start will give you a much finer level of control.

Picture 100