So we’ve talked a bit about a few things you can do with sine wave sounds, but haven’t yet addressed the bass arms race that’s going on in a wide variety of genres these days. To make these gigantic aggressive bass sounds, you may not want to start with a sine wave.

Switch over oscillator A to Square D. This is a digital square wave. Big
and bright, lots of harmonics.

Picture 4

Now, add some additional grind to it by turning up oscillator B. Detune it a little bit with the Fine knob to add a bit of color:

Picture 5

Next, click in the master section (the lower right hand) of Operator to reveal the algorithms section:

Picture 6

Choose this guy:

Picture 7

This makes oscillators A and C run in parallel to the output. Oscillator B acts as a modulator to A and oscillator D modulates C.

Anyway, long story short now we can turn up oscillator C to add some sine wave sub to the sound. Mmmmm, subby.

Picture 8

To add a bit more complexity to the sound, we can also turn up the Spread. This detunes the left and right channels a bit.

Picture 9

OK, maybe we’re not ready to take on the robot hordes quite yet, but it’s a good start.