We’ve had randomness on the brain over here at LiveTips HQ lately. This tip comes from my friend Pat Cupo, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction over at the Dubspot.

It’s a fun way of randomly switching between several different synth presets, or different synths entirely!

First, load several chains of an Instrument Rack with several synths. In this example, the synths are all Operator, each one using a different basic waveshape and a different LFO rate. The variations can be anything you want, and it’s not important that they all be the same type of synth either.

Picture 65

Next hit the Vel switch to open up the Velocity Zone Editor.

Picture 66

Set each chain to a different range.

Picture 67

If there’s a synth you want to be randomly selected more frequently than the others, give it a larger range like the first chain in the example above.

Now, drop a Velocity device in front of the Rack and crank up its Random control.

Picture 68

Every incoming MIDI note will have a random velocity assigned to it, resulting in a different synth being selected.