Those of us who work with random processes a lot know that the big trick to getting good results is following randomization with editing. Not only that, depending on the process you’re doing, the editing workflow you use can have a big impact on the results you get.

Becasuse of that I decided to ask Pat what his editing workflow is once he’s done some velocity zone randomization. Here’s his answer…

What I like to do is record the randomness for a minute or two onto a new audio track…

Picture 69


…then I split up the clip in the Arrangement View based on the length of the original MIDI clip.

Picture 70

I’ll find my favorite 4 (maybe 8) versions of that clip and bring them back to the Session View.¬†

Picture 71

I then set them all to Legato mode on the same track, key map the clips, and set their clip quantizations to the appropriate settings depending on the material (just whatever sounds best to me).

Picture 72

After that I jam out on the clips using my mappings and record it all into the arrangement view.

Picture 73

Then I do some editing to my performance. So to recap: 1) Randomization, 2) Selection, 3) Performance, and 4) Editing.