A few months back, I did a little series on creating audio files full of strange sounds, then getting them into your productions via Drum Racks. Today I was reminded of another way to work with glitchy goodness.

Picture 32

Above you’ll see a sample placed directly into the timeline in a couple of spots. It’s from a long audio file I generated in Reaktor. What I want to do is keep the rhythmic placement, but change the sample.

Here’s what the audio looks like in the Clip view:

Picture 33

The white area between the Start and End flags is what appears in the timeline.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just sweep the Start flag around (like you can in Simpler) to find a bit of audio that you like? Well, you can – the trick is that the Loop switch has to be turned on.

(If you try to move it around without setting a loop, you’ll find that you’re just adjusting the clip’s boundaries – try it and you’ll see what I mean)

Turn on the Loop switch, and set the Position and Length parameters so the loop encloses the entire sample. The one I’m using is 155 bars long:

Picture 34

Take a look in the Clip view, and you’ll see that the End marker has been grayed out. It’s ignored when the Loop switch is on.

Picture 36

Now you can sweep the Start marker in either direction with no problems…

Picture 37

while the clip stays put in the timeline:

Picture 38