Every now and then you’ll bump into the problem that you can’t have a Group track within a Group track (the way you can nest Racks within each other). For example, you might want to group a set of keyboard parts together, but one of the parts is made up of two tracks you’ve layered together.

Picture 30

In the above example, it would be nice to be able to group Pad 1 and Pad 2 together so they can be easily be adjusted as one part (overall volume, EQ, effects, sends, etc.).

The trick here is to use a Bus within the group. Create a new Audio track within the group and route the pads into it as explained in this tip, shown below:

Picture 31

The flexibility offered by manually bussing tracks this way still goes far beyond what Group tracks can do. For this reason, some producers don’t use Group tracks at all. Personally, I like being able to fold up groups to save space on the screen, so I do a bit of both.