So, now that I’ve gotten myself going on the transient loops and envelopes, I can’t stop myself…if you’re just tuning in, I’d suggest reading the last two days tips first.

Yesterday I suggested that you slow down the playback of a loop in order to hear what the various Transient Loop Modes do, but in fact that’s not the only way. The other method is to transpose upwards. If you think about this, it makes perfect sense. When you transpose up in Beats-Transients mode, Live just speeds up the playback of each transient chunk to pitch it up, then optionally loops the tail to fill the space in between each hit.

So, for today’s experiment, start off as we did yesterday with the master tempo set to the Seg BPM, and Transient Loop Mode set to Off.

Start  Msrr

Now, instead of messing with the tempo, just start to turn up the Transpose knob.

You’ll hear the loop get increasingly choppy. As you transpose it higher, Live pitches up each transient chunk by speeding it up without looping to elongate it. Now, flip through the other loop modes to hear the different flavors of glitch available. And just like yesterday, the Transient Envelope value will be quite effective as well.

The question now is what to do with all this mess? More on this tomorrow…