So, you’ve gotten the Warp Engine to do some wacky stuff, but you’re now left with a loop that’s either at a tempo that’s completely wrong, or perhaps you’ve pitched the thing up so far that it now sounds like the percussion section for a munchkin opera.

The trick here is to take your mangled loop and Resample it:


There are a bunch of different ways to record audio from one track to another, but shown above you’ll see a very simple one. When a track’s input is set to Resample, it records whatever is coming out of Live’s Master track.

Record a new clip this way, and you’ll have a new audio file with whatever glitchy goodness you’ve created. Now there are a million new things you can do with this clip. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Change the Tempo: If you slowed down the clip to glitch it out, now you can speed it back up to the tempo you want with the new artifacts intact.
  • Change the Pitch: Same Deal. If you pitched the loop up, transpose it down to get it out of munchkinland (unless you’re into that sort of thing).
  • Get Weird With The Warping (Again): When changing the tempo or pitch of your resampled loop, you have loads of opportunities to mess it up even further.  Use the techniques we already discussed. Try the other Warp Modes as well.
  • Slice to New MIDI Track: Give this command a whirl on your new loop. This will give you a Drum Rack with each little glitchy bit assigned to it’s own pad for MIDI programming fun.

This should give you a few ideas to get you going. We’ll get deeper into warped out sound design workflow in some upcoming tips..