The only issue with saving presets as described in yesterday’s tip is that Live decides for you where the preset shows up in the browser, and if you’re like me you might want a bit more control over how things are organized.

First off, be aware that right-clicking on a device allows you to use the Create Folder command, so you can easily create a sub folder for all of your default racks (or any other presets you create).


Then you can drag your presets around and organize them however you want – with certain limitations.


The limitation I’m referring to here is that the browser won’t let you drag your Reverb rack anywhere outside of the Audio Effect Rack tree – such as under Reverb, for example.

If this rubs you the wrong way, it’s good to know that Live presets are just files on your hard drive, and you can use Finder or Explorer to organize them any way you want. Just do a search of your hard drive for a preset name, and you’ll discover something that looks like this:

This is also a handy piece of information to know if you ever want to email a preset or post one online. Preset files can be dragged right from anywhere on your hard drive into Live – there’s no reason they need to be added to the Library folder first. Tomorrow I’ll show you how I organize my own presets and why I intentionally keep them outside the Live Library.