A lot of great synth sounds can be created with simple waveforms, filters and effects. Analog is a great synth to experiment with classic subtractive synthesis techniques. It may appear complex at first, but in a lot of ways it’s a fairly simple instrument.

When Analog is loaded in its default state, you’ll hear a sawtooth wave with a volume envelope that causes it to decay quickly. I prefer to start out with a more basic volume envelope and take it from there.

First, click in the Amp section, so it’s highlighted white:

Picture 16

Then adjust the volume envelope in the center display so it looks like this:

Picture 17

Now the volume envelope is a simple gate – the note will sound as soon as you hit a key and sustain until that key is released. For my money, this is a much better way to start off for doing sound design. That’s why I suggest saving this as the default setting:

Picture 18