At first glance, Analog appears to be a simple two oscillator synthesizer:

Picture 13

One important trick for getting really thick sounds out of this instrument is to take advantage of the Sub oscillators. The Sub is an extra oscillator that generates a note an octave below the main oscillator. To acess the Sub oscillator, first highlight one of Analog’s Osc sections by clicking on it.

Picture 14

It will turn white (instead of gray) and the center area of the instrument (called the display) will change to show advanced properties of the oscillator. In the lower right hand corner of the display, you’ll see a section labeled Sub/Sync. Leave Mode set to Sub and crank up the level control to hear some extra low end.

When the oscillator’s Shape is set to sawtooth or square, you’ll be turning up a square wave one octave below. When using a sine wave, the sub osc is a sine wave as well.

If you’ve already programmed a bass line that sits in a low octave, you may find that the the Sub osc is too low to be useful – it’s just adding rumble. In that case, transpose your MIDI clip up an octave, or just use the oscillator’s Octave control.

Picture 15