So, here we are in the last month…being at this point in the process reminds me of the email reply I got from Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music when I told him I was going to write 365 Ableton Live Tips in a year:

“You are completely insane.”

Surprisingly, the project has been a lot more fun that I had expected. However, it’s been even more difficult than I thought it would be, since this turned out to be a year with lots of touring and other fun stuff.

Anyway, let me cut to the chase: I’m behind and I need your help.

Quite a few of you readers out there are quite knowlegable, and a number of you have written me with some great suggestions for tips. (If I haven’t written back to you I’m sorry. Really. I do appreciate everyone who has gotten in touch. My email has just been a bit overwhelming.)

So, all of you out there, I present you with a challenge to write a tip and send it in to me. Not a tip suggestion, mind you, an actual tip complete with necessary screen shots. (sadly, the idea is the easy part. the work is writing it.)

I’m happy to edit and spruce it up a little. Don’t be shy. I’m here to help out and make it work, not to shut you down.

Now, why would you do such a thing? FOR THE GLORY (of course). I’ll include your name, links, whatever you want to promote. Quite a few people read these tips, so it’s a good way to reach out and make some connections.